Color Correction

We have been the most relied upon name for providing quality photo color correction services to clients over the years. The technique of Photo Color Correction involves the correction of warmth, and hue of an image. This technique is implemented when the RBG levels of the picture is not up to the mark, and the picture needs to be edited only in terms ofColor Correction.

Companies who deal in advertising of products both online, and offline need their promotional pictures, and images to be perfect. If any of the pictures clicked does not meet the criteria of the company, then it would be a waste of both money, and time. Therefore, the companies hand them over to image editing websites and companies for fixing the pictures and making them suitable for use in marketing.

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CLIPPING PATH PIXEL is delivering the following color correction services:

  • Overall color correction ‘Clean, Bright and Contrast’
  • Cast removal
  • Color replacement

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