About Us

Clipping Path Pixel is a world of photo beauty enhancing company with a group of photo experts where they are always online to take care of your portraits.

Who we are?

Clipping Path Pixel is one of the most well-known graphic designing companies in Asia where professionalism excellence and integrity matter most. It is another another of natural photo retouching

We have a group of experienced and expert designers who are dedicated and committed to render you more professional and quality service round the clock. We are obliged to meet your demand as required.

About us

Clipping Path Pixel is one of the leading international graphic design outsourcing service provider in Asian country.

Clipping Path Pixel has attained world class service in graphic production.

The following principle activity we have been providing to our clients for many years with a set of well-trained designers.

Our main purpose is to provide our client with quality work, fast turn around and reasonable rate as always.

why us ?

Color enhance is a place where many expertise work together throughout the day and night. Time management, dedication to work, quality service are important to us. Apart from this, we have faster upload and download and quick image editing service. In a word Colorenhance is a centre of excellence

What We Do?

Clipping Path Pixel is simple, robust & reliable

Headshot Retouching

A touch of headshot-retouching service with our well-trained set of professional image designer can glamorize your portrait more than you can imagine ever.

Newborn Photo Retouching

People from all over the world wish to edit newborn photo and keep it forever as an awesome memory.

Jewelry Retouching

If you are a jeweler, you must take your product presentation seriously. Low and appalling images hamper your business quality.

Photo Retouching

Are you thinking of dropping out disturbing part presenting in your image? We are here to help you with that.

Beauty Retouching

We are open to understand all your demands and needs. As we believe in the principal of whatever our clients say is right.

Shadow Making

Every tangible thing has a shadow. A shadow is made when an opaque or translucent object block light.

Ghost Mannequin

Neck joint is a modern product photo manipulation service which is generally applied on garments like T-shirt, shirts, pants and sweaters.

Image Masking

Image masking service is one of the best photo beauty enhancing service which is a must to highlight hidden beauty of an image.

Ecomerce Image Processing

Does your website have a professional look? If not, then it is a pre-condition to be successful in the E-commerce business.

Crop and Resizing

Clipping Path Pixel is one of the best image resizing or cropping service provider.it is very important for those deal in online business.

Photo Restoration

Are you worried about your damaged photo? Don’t worry we can make your damaged pictures shine like a new shot.

Clipping Path

Clipping path is a way of removing background from any image. It is usually done by creating an outline around an image to make it more attractive to others.

Our Color Experts

Established in 2009, Clipping Path Pixel is a team of dedicated professional Graphics Designers, Quality Controllers delivering high quality services across the World.

Md Oli Ullah

Md Oli Ullah


Nazmul Hasan

Nazmul Hasan


Khirul Islam

Khirul Islam

Marketing Manager

Let's Work Together!

Clipping Path Pixel is a world of photo beauty enhancing company with a group of photo experts where they are always online to take care of your portraits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our image editing use case

How can I transfer big volume of data?

If you have a big volume data, we will provide you with a FTP account. Moreover, if you wish, you can choose the third-party data transfer method like, We Transfer, Dropbox, we send it, or whatever you prefer the most.

What types of file format do you accept?

We accept all types of images file format. We always prefer, Jpg. Jpeg. Png Gif. Rar.psd.  we also accept camera raw format. But for that, you have to pay some extra price. Please avoid exe format.

Can I get unlimited space with the FTP account you provide?

Yes, we provide unlimited space with FTP account. We will be glad, if you let us know whether you have a big volume of data and how much space you need.

Can I get free trial service?

Yes, we will provide you with free trial service to assess our editing skill. please contact us through email to get this service.

How long does it take to edit images?

Basically, it depends on the amount of work we get. On the contrary, we take approximately 24hrs to complete the appointed task. Please get in touch with us to know more about turnaround time.

What if I am satisfied with your finished work?

There is an option to make a revision request if you are unhappy with our work. But it has to be made with 30 days of delivery. We will be very glad to redo the same work. So please let us know as soon as possible.

What is your payment method?

Firstly, we prefer PayPal the most as long as it is possible for you. But you can also send us through your credit card. Wire pin transfer (up to 4500) and we also accept direct bank transfer for our regular and well-known clients.

Do I have to pay before?

No, you don’t have to spend a single penny before the end of the work. you will be asked to pay after the completion of the work.

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