Shadow Making

Anything that is tangible or can be touched has a shadow. Let’s see how a shadow is formed naturally. Basically when an object does not allow any light to pass through will make a shadow. An object looks more awesome when it has an shadow

But in the world of photography, we use some software to give your images life-like look .your image will look ten times more beautiful and eye-catching, if you add shadow to your photos . As a result, your sales rate will increase more than you can ever imagine.

Our long experienced designers have the ability to form natural shadow for your portraits. As a result, your product with natural shadow will look better and make your customer fall in love at the first sight.

There are many types of shadow such as long-shadow and drop-shadow etc. if you want to highlight your product, you can choose drop shadow for your products. Drop- shadow is formed creating a layer of shadow just under your products to make them look more visible and eye-catching to other which has a very good impact on customer to sell your products

Sometimes we see that some products online shop look like standing on the top of the glass. You may think how it’s done. It needs skilled expertise to do it properly. They apply creative effect to images to make them look so by using some Photoshop tool, As a result, your online shop products look more unique and reach every corner of the world

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