You can easily create clipping path in Photoshop. Most photo editing is done with Photoshop. Much of the Adobe photo editing line is intended to work with these photo editing elements. If you have to add a clipping path to an image in Photoshop it should be uploaded into your page editing software automatically. You can then use this clipping path to set different editing effects within your page layout. You can also add effects such as an outline or drop shadow to accentuate the image.Clipping_path_a4_2

Importing a Clipping Path to Alternate Photo Software

Most photo editing software programs will automatically detect a clipping path you created in Photoshop. If you are having trouble getting the clipping path to load, use the define edges tool within the new software program. This should pick up on the clipping path you have already defined for the image. You may also need to find a transparency setting within the photo software which will eliminate the blank white background surrounding your image.

Combining Clipping Paths

If you have created a cutout design that has several holes within the picture you will need to create multiple clipping paths to finish the work. Draw in each separately so you do not cut out necessary portions of the image. Create a single editing layer that will allow you to define all edges of the image at once. You should then be able to combine these clipping paths into one defined edge so Photoshop recognizes the cutout as a whole. To check your work, render the background invisible to see whether you need to delete additional pixels to transfer your image to a new location.

Imagefor-clipping pathAdjusting an Imported Clipping Path

If you import a clipping path and discover that it is unsatisfactory, you can edit it further by redefining the edges. Use the editing tools in your page builder to define the edges of your image and drag the points you would like to change. This saves you the trouble of going back to Photoshop to edit the image, then reimporting it to your page editing software. Those who had not defined a clipping path in Photoshop can define the image and add any effects available. Any effects that will change the nature of the image will need to be completed in Photoshop before you import the image. Any effects, you design in a page editor will be applied on or around the clipping path.

Adjusting a clipping path will allow you to create an outline for your image. More advanced page editing programs will allow you to create a halo or shadow effect around the image. Creating these elements while you finish your page editing will allow you to match your color scheme so they match the image’s new background.