Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction

Before you begin to submit your project or creating an account with Clippingpathpiexel, please read the following Terms of service sincerely. These terms of services are a full guide to grant you access and enjoy our photo retouching service.

It will completely take you toward our liabilities. This also directs you toward a binding agreement between you and Clippingpathpiexel

Please bear in mind that any violation of these terms of service may result in termination of your agreement.

As time passes, Terms of service may change. Please visit our website to know the new changes.

And make sure that you are bound to agree to those new changes or recently updated.

  1. Our services

 Clippingpathpiexel graphic design company has a group of well-trained expertise on Photoshop. So we don’t have to worry about our quality standard. We do offer our global client such verity of benefits. Our main aim is to enhance perfection in photographs. Our basic services are

Photo masking service

Photo retouching service

Image cropping and resizing service

Image shadow making service

Ghost mannequin service

Headshot retouching service

Clipping path service

Image background remove service

Multiple clipping path service

Image color correction service

Through clippingpathpixel service, you are allowed to  use your photos to upload, store and share anywhere on the web. We authorize you all the rights to transmit it anywhere. We never claim the rights of our manipulated images.

We always stay loyal to render our services just according to the photos and instructions required by our valuable clients.

Our turn-around time depends on the amount of images and complexity level of the assigned task. Our precious clients make a request  to choose their delivery time table before payment. we send the completed images to our clients via email, and FTP, We Transfer, Dropbox and Google Drive.

  1. Specification and Prices

The price shown on our webpage may vary with the prices which offered to our clients. We can’t always tell our exact price as it completely depends on the complexity of work. As a result, our stated prices may change time to time

As per our rules, you are bound to pay for additional and unforeseen task which are not made mention on the web site page, on the other hand. We ask you to adjust your prices before submitting your image.

Moreover, it is worth-mentioning that we reserve the right to terminate the contact any time.


As a client, when you submit certain images to Clippingpathpixel, you request youto follow some terms of submission rule to provide you better service. While you submit, you must make sure that you will not post, place or transmit any of the following images or materials at the time of using our services.

Any content that is pornographic, abusive, inappropriate or harmful and unlawful against any individual or group that creates racism.

Any materials that is sent from an unknown or fake and false address.

Any materials that go against our rules and regulation.

Any materials that is conflicting to our publicity, copyrights or other intellectual rights

However, Clippinpathpixel is not responsible for conflicting post, content or images given by any clients.

We possess the full rights and are careful enough to delete or edit the submission and take proper action to minimize the misuse of our service.

  1. Payment and refund

Our prices are quoted in US dollars ($) for a client across the globe and  the Euro ( ) for customers who are from Europe.

Billing and shipping information

Firstly, we usually accept payment via PayPal. As PayPal is considered to be one of the safest and most secure way to pay online.


If we cannot deliver our work in time for the first time, we will refund your payment. In the event of being unhappy with our work, a refund will not be made. Under such circumstances, you can make a request to fix this once again within 30 days of delivery. We will be glad to redo your same photos for free of charge. We make high end revision for free of charge, as long as your revision request follows the below mentioned terms.

Firstly, we consider time. We will accept your revision request, if it is made within 30 days of delivery after the completion of the order.

Revision request after 30 days of delivery is refused.

You will have to pay for editing those images again.

If your revision request instruction is not similar to the previous instruction as you did before, you will be charged for that too.


  1. Free trial

We have an option to provide the professional photographer and the other agency of photographic world with a free trial service. Our free trial services include.

Photo retouching

Photo re-coloring

Clipping path

Background removal

Teeth enhancement

Skin retouching

Jewelry retouching

Exposure adjustment

And so on

Please get in touch with us to know more of free trial services.


  1. Photo replacement

Photo replacement is not accepted after the order is placed. If you have sent the wrong image, you should not request us to edit another image for free as a replacement. As it was your mistake, the consequence of sending the wrong photo fall on your shoulder.