Image Retouching Services For Historical Photos

Photo retouching is frequently used to improve the look of a photograph. This can include adding a historical look to a photograph that was taken recently. A worn look often associated with photographs taken with outdated film can easily be replicated with photo editing techniques. Color editing is a key component in adding a historical look to a modern photo.

Editorial Retouching services- clippingpathpixelMany photo retouching software programs include tools that can add historical elements. You can use these tools to add wrinkles, watermarks or edges intended to mimic an old, worn photograph. Use these elements sparingly. Worn elements may offer an interesting effect, but it can be easy for these elements to look artificial, especially when the image is printed on modern, undamaged photo paper when you are finished editing.

One of the most common elements added to a photo to make it look aged is a black and white effect. Your photo editing software should include a button that will automatically convert your image to a grayscale display. This is not an appropriate tool for photo retouching. The grayscale button will eliminate the color from your original photo, erasing your master copy. It will also create an artificial color effect. Create a layer on top of your original photo where you can do your color editing so you can compare your effects to the original throughout the editing process.

photoshop retouching servicesOnce you create an editing layer on top of your image, use a grayscale effect by hand to make the black and white color look authentic. Adjust the strengths of the grayscale throughout the photo to replicate the lighting instead of adding a flat effect across the screen. Also, consider leaving a bit of color in the photo for effect. This can make the photo look faded rather than black and white. Consider using a sepia-toned palate instead of black and white for very old photographs to replicate the faded look often associated with historical photos.

If you are hoping to make your photo match a historical photo, remember to address the content of the picture. If modern elements such as electronic devices, modern clothing or vehicles are in the shot, you may need to use image retouching to take them out. Use the cloning tool to create a realistic background that can be transplanted over the photos you wish to eliminate. You can also transpose authentic historical photos into your modern shot for an interesting comparison effect.